The Yorkshire Rustic Country Wedding Theme

Nowadays, with social media inspiration being available at the swipe of a finger, we have found that Yorkshire people are really starting to explore their imaginative sides. Themed functions such as parties and conferences have become the norm with weddings being on the top of the list for really setting a scene. Honestly, there are many themes that you can choose and people have really brought it to the table with their creativity, however, the 'rustic themed wedding' seems to be on an upward trend all over Yorkshire at the moment. There are a few key features of what you need for this choice and here we are to tell you all about them!

  • Invites

    Rustic style wedding invites

    Invites can be made yourself. You can keep the costs low and also personalise them as much as you want. For this particular choice of wedding the brown card and twine is all you need to make a perfect invite. You can get most of this from eBay and Hobbycraft, We found 50 folded cards and envelopes for £6.99. You can buy two packets of this if you are planning on quite a few guests and then attach some twine on the sides of it to give it the rustic look. Then all you need is a few bits of tissue paper and stick a heart or a bow on the front. There you have it, pretty little invites ready for the inserts! This is just one way of doing the invites, other materials you can use are lace and hessian fabrics and you can even look at using watercolours. Individuality is key, as you are making this yourself, you can personalise them to how you wish. Take a look at pinterest for inspiration.

  • Decorations

    Weddins Decoration

    Decorations for a rustic themed wedding run off the back of the antique theme. You want to be looking for wooden items and cardboard materials. For example the table cards and table numbers could be made out of recycled brown card which you can get personalised and ordered online from Amazon. There are also lots of table signs and frames you can get which use lace and hessian materials, if you are really daring you can do this yourself! Table runners and sashes for a chair should also be of brown and beige colours, if you can then grab a load of hessian material and again, make them yourself! We would recommend looking for things like crates and wooden hanging signs to have on a desserts table, Hockey Cockey in Leeds have many nice ones. Along with this, look for candles and LED lights which really compliment the rustic look and gives it that extra glimmer. Ikea is the place to buy these ietms cheaply.

  • The Dress

    123 Photography

    The most amazing thing about this is you don't have to go all out to stand out. Shabby chic dresses are very complimentary with the rustic look. It doesn't even have to be a white dress either. You can go for beige and cream colours. Lace fabrics will also go well with the decorations and theme you are going for. Think of more Grecian finishes with flowing trails rather than big princess style finishes. Lace and Co and the Bridal Emporium have some enchanting vintage dresses in at the moment. To add to this you can also consider floral headpieces with net as, flowers are an essential part of the earthy look you are trying to go for.

  • Venues

    East Riddlesden Hall

    Cost permitting, the kinds of venue's to look for are converted barns types. This is because the wooden interiors really give off that country look. Well obviously, it is a barn right! If you can't get a barn, try something outdoors or with high ceilings and wooden flooring. There are many nice wedding Barns or similar venues in West Yorkshire, these two are the ones we particularly like because of accessibility, appearance and value for money: Crow Hill Country House Estate and East Riddlesden Hall. Try to stay away from grander looking venues because this will end up overpowering the hard efforts you have made on those smaller details.

  • Stage and Arch

    Wedding Arch

    If you are having a stage or an arch to stand under, you need to be looking for fresh flowers and draping backdrops. This will ensure that the simplicity and beauty is felt as soon as your guests walk in. Wedding Sparkle and Yorkshire Venue Dressing can supply these to you. Obviously, this can be costly, if this is an issue, try and look for very real looking-fake flowers! Alternatively, you can go for harsh fabrics such as hessian with LED lighting as a backdrop. The simplicity in the detail is what makes the best effect.

  • These are a few tips with regards to the theme. Don't forget that it is all down to having personal touches, a lot of handwritten deco and cute props to keep up with the bigger details such as the stage and the dress. This is a very low cost theme and a also very intimate - the best of both worlds if I you ask me! I love the idea of the country wedding and with my tips I hope you do too!

    Happy Planning Yorkshire Ladies!