Wedding Proposal Ideas: Popping the Question in Yorkshire

So you've found yourself the Prince Charming to your happily ever after and the time has finally come to start thinking about the 'M' word. Well ladies, let's just step back and take a pause right, let us focus on the grand gesture that is to come. We all know that actions speak louder than words, with that said; a proposal is the first chapter to your new adventure. You might want to keep this page open on the drawer so he can take a quick glimpse at some of these adorable and affectionate declarations of love, also known as perfect proposals! We have listed down three of the most unique and touching proposals we found, to give some inspiration for all of you out there wishing to pop the question or wanting to 'hint' at ways to go about it - have a look at these for romantic gestures!

  • Treasure hunt proposal

    'Marry Me' Treasure Hunt

    Budgeting is a conscious effort we need to make when wedding talks begin, especially to ensure you all get that dream day. Giving this, why not try an almost cost free proposal idea of building a treasure hunt for your lovely partner to be? Not only will this ensure that you keep them on their feet, giddy and in anticipation, but, it also promises to deliver. It's quite simple, set out some notes in envelopes and allow yourself some time to think about personal spots which would be relevant for you both. Place the cards in each place and ready steady go... The idea is magical, it allows you to take your partner on a journey through memories and happy times as well as walk your way up to the new and upcoming. To add that extra touch, why not go all out and set the scene in a new environment for the popping-of-the-question, you can even focus on that for potential future anniversary dates too! - Simple and thoughtful, the treasure hunt sets the scene for a loving time ahead. Roundhay, Golden Acre, Ilkley Moores or Tropical World are ideal places for this wonderful love gesture.

  • Virgin hot air balloon proposal

    Pop the question high in the sky - Hot Air Balloon Picnic

    Although clich├ęs seem very much last decade, a classic picnic setting is a perfect way to plan a proposal. This one however won't be so typical. A picnic in a hot air balloon is an amazing gesture and declaration of love. With more than 25 years flying experience, you're guaranteed to have an incredibly unique experience whilstBalloon Rides gracefully fly you across the whole of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. If you want to get out of your region, then try Virgin Atlantic, they now offer hot air balloon rides across the globe. The picnic allows you to add your own personal touch, whilst the balloon offers privacy and extravagance all in one. - You really would be on cloud 9 with this one.

  • Balloon filled proposal

    Getting high off helium filled balloons

    Finally, if flying in a balloon seems too adventurous, how about toning it down a scale? Everyone knows that celebrations call for decorations and well it's only fitting that we celebrate a proposal with a Big Bang. Why not set a room up full of helium filled balloons and attach a ring to the end of one of them? Imagine walking into a room filled with colour and brightness only to find a sparkling wonder dangling off the end. Talk about only in the movies! To add that extra 'umph' why not keep them blindfolded till they arrive? This would put the anticipation level to a sky high and the results would be about as bright as the room you have filled with balloons. You could even pop the question with a mouth full of helium - one for the books right!? Now the room you choose to do this in is important, it could be done privately at home or at one of your favourite local restaurants. We know someone who did proposed at Salvos in Leeds and said it went well. His advice is to ask the Waiters to help you out a bit if you decide to go for the latter and pick a time when you know the restaurant is not going to be full with hungry diners.

  • Here they are, some of the cutest most awe inspiring proposals we came across. Obviously, it is all about the effort you put in, ultimately you can choose the most simplest way to propose or dream of the most theatrical proposition, at the end of the day, it all comes down to making it personal, which is what all amazing proposals have in common.

    Whether you want to propose or are looking at ways to be proposed to, it should be noted that this particular event will be one that is never forgotten. We wish all our readers a happily ever after, together and forever! We hope this little article provides you with some light hearted inspiration for all you loved ones to enjoy.