Model Make-Up Looks for Yorkshire Brides to Be

Wedding dress? Check. Veil? Check. Hair sorted? Check. Forgetting something? Most brides leave their makeup until last and yet its one part of the look that makes the biggest impact. Stun your groom with these striking tips and makeup looks.

Lauren Sally

    Find the Right Makeup Artist

    Crafty brides with the relevant skill set sometimes do their own makeup or employ a trustworthy BFF. For most of us, employing a qualified makeup artist is cost effective, practical and timely. After all, no bride wants to get mascara on her virginal white dress. But how do you go about finding the perfect makeup artist in Yorkshire? Isn’t that as impossible as finding your soul mate in the form of your hairdresser?

    • ♦ If you know someone who looked simply sensational on their wedding day, ask them who did their makeup. We asked several Yorkshire brides to recommend a few to us; here are the 3 most liked ones: Kiss The Bride Make-Up, Bonita Band Lauren Sally.
    • ♦ If anyone has a recommendation for a great makeup artist, follow up their suggestion
    • ♦ Browse portfolios and select one in line with the look you are trying to cultivate. Anna Stephenson has done some impressive work on brides, you should have a look at her work.
    • ♦ Browse images of celebrities with a makeup style you suit or admire and compare the photograph to your artists’ portfolio; could they craft a similar aesthetic?
    • ♦ Arrange a trial session with your artist, you can get this done for free at places like Boots, although it's worth paying a small fee to get that extra imput. Bring photographs, magazines and suggestions so that the two of you can create a memorable look

    Things to Consider

    Your wedding day makeup must:

    • ♦ Last all day
    • ♦ Be photogenic/dramatic enough to make an impression in photographs
    • ♦ Possibly be tear proof! Reciting vows can be highly emotional
    • ♦ Look phenomenal under both natural and artificial light
    • ♦ You may want a different makeup look for the after party than you do for the ceremony

    Which Make Up Look is Right For Me?

    There isn’t really a right or wrong look when it comes to makeup. Generally your chosen makeup style should work well with the occasion and your dress. For example, if you’ve opted for a floaty, feminine dress, a harsh smoky eye and red lip will clash. Likewise if you’ve opted for an extravagant dress, overtly subtle makeup will make you seem faded out in photographs. The bride needs to be worthy of the dress.

    • ♦ Look through bridal magazines, photographs of yourself and celebrity images for inspiration
    • ♦ Consider which feature you want to highlight; your lips? Eyes? Cheeks?
    • ♦ What colours suit you best? Are you a fan of a red lip, nude colours, juicy berry colours or soft pinks?
    • ♦ Consider your skin tone. Will you be wearing fake tan or be tanned from a recent holiday? This can affect your colour scheme
    • ♦ What is your colouring? Are you warm or cool toned? Is your hair dark or light? What about your eyes?
    • ♦ Is there a feature you want to play down/over emphasise?

    How Well Do you Care for Your Skin?

    A large part of how well makeup sits on the skin centres on skin care. Do you have a regime in place? Do you have any problem areas? Is your skin dry, oily, acne prone, scarred? A greasy foundation will make your makeup slide off but a dry base will cause your make-up to look caked on and blotchy. A Dermalogica free face map will help you identify what particular care your face needs and you can purchase and use products in conjunction to your skins requirements.

    Keep this routine in place for as long as you can up until your wedding day and beyond. Your skin will thank you for it.

    Makeup Essentials

    The following products should be considered when creating that flawless face:

    • ♦ Primer – Preps the skin for foundation. Primer conceals fine lines, large pores and other flaws and gives makeup a lasting base.
    • ♦ Foundation – Your foundation must match your skin town, over good coverage and last. Avoid cakey or greasy foundations. If your skin is acne prone, avoid heavy coverage. Look for anti-acne inducing properties. Bare Minerals offers a starter kit for fairer skin tones.
    • ♦ Concealer – Concealer can be applied before foundation or after. The right concealer will completely cover imperfections.
    • ♦ Powder – Powder will set your makeup in place and help it last.
    • ♦ Blush – Look for a blush that flatters your skin tone. Lightly brush the apples of your cheeks. Pretend to pout.
    • ♦ Lip Liner
    • ♦ Lip Gloss/Lip Stick
    • ♦ Eye Liner
    • ♦ Mascara
    • ♦ Eye Shadow
    • ♦ Highlighter – Be subtle. Highlighters can interfere with photography.

    Most importantly, remember to wash off that full face of makeup after you wed!