Our Favourite Yorkshire Bridal Outlets

For those who live within the West Yorkshire area, look no further than here for your quick guide to bridal dress shopping. One of our happy Yorkshire brides shopped around trying to choose the perfect dress for her big day and managed to squeeze in the time to do a quick review of some of the outlets.

Although these may not consist of every single bridal shop in West Yorkshire, here are some of the popular ones that she visited and has recommended based on these visits.

  • The Harrogate Wedding Lounge

    Leeds Wedding Photographer

    Even though this one is based in North Yorkshire, it's worth mentioning as it's conveniently located and easy to access from anywhere in Yorkshire. The Harrogate Wedding lounge in its chic and vintage setting is dazzling. Our bride definitely felt like royalty whilst browsing designer gowns and being offered complimentary refreshments. The customer experience was magical, much like its set up.

    The actual store is uber cute with clear attention to the little details and it definitely made a big difference. The ranges of gowns were stunning and they also offered bridesmaid consultation too. The customer service was second to none and our Bride definitely would recommend taking a visit. Be prepared to spend big bucks when considering purchasing from this Boutique!

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  • Angel Brides

    Angel Brides

    This one had a friendly feel to it from the word go. The store itself is very down to earth, nothing too fancy but yet ever so warm and welcoming, with the staff matching up to this too. Although it was fairly busy our Bride felt that the customer experience was not affected and a helping hand was always ready and available.

    We would say this store is targeted for the everyday bride meaning that it doesn't shout out expensive and for that reason it is definitely recommended. The dresses are of good quality and the range varies to suit your needs and budget, they also offer bridesmaids dresses too which is always a winner!

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  • Bridal Boutique Leeds

    Bridal Boutique Leeds

    The Bridal Boutique is located on the outskirts of Leeds and is situated in a small store which surprises you with the interior space and range. The workers are friendly as expected to be in most bridal shops.

    One thing that strikes out about this pretty shop is its stunning range of designer gowns - this wasn't expected from the outlook. There is currently a 10% discount offer available until the end of April 2015; our Bride would certainly be running to get her hands on the flawless dress if she was still browsing. Have a look and see ladies!

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  • The Bridal Emporium

    The Bridal Emporium

    Luxury setting as if you have just stepped into a fairy tale, the little pearl is a precious and intimate boutique offering you lovely gowns, there was a collection of accessories to choose from and also recommendations for other wedding related contacts which were known as 'Pearls Friends'. It feels organised and as though you can do more than just plan your dress but also your most parts of your wedding! You won't really need to look any further to match accessories with the dress and this definitely would help in terms of timing.

    The friendly workers offered great customer service which our Bride has happily been receiving throughout most of her ventures in the outlets. The best thing about this store is its amazing interior design - you can tell a lot of effort has been put into The Bridal Emporium and it shines through.

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  • Limelight Occasions

    Limelight Occasions

    The vintage and picturesque boutique is located in Wakefield offering you as a bride the exclusivity of a half an hour time slot to enjoy the boutique to yourself. Yes, this means you must make an appointment, but it also means you are going to thank us for telling you this. The whole point of booking your spot means you are isolated to the boutique and its every gown. Try on the eccentric and unique gowns whilst enjoying a cupcake and a drink. The lovely personal atmosphere is something we cannot emphasise on enough; it is truly a special experience, just like the boutique itself.

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  • Fairytale Bridals

    Fairytale Bridals

    This popular bridal outlet is certainly one on the books. The customer service is great once you have an appointment booked, most days of the week the appointment booking is required, however, you can browse about so long as they have not closed early due to lack of appointments. The store is a good size so allows you to browse without the problem of pushing through people or happening to wait to try on a dress for example.

    Follow them on twitter for updates at Fairytale Bridals and watch out for any offers!

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  • Wedding Bells of Otley

    Wedding Bells of Otley

    The ladies consist of a team of five who offer their services for bridal gowns. The store is friendly and modern with a personal hint from the shop workers and our bride definitely felt a warm welcome as she entered. Appointments are not required in this shop; however we do recommend it so that you get that extra special service. The range of dresses was great and you can end up spending hours in just this one store - Definitely worth a visit and well-priced too.

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  • Abbey Wedding Warehouse

    Abbey Wedding Warehouse

    The abbey wedding warehouse struck out to our bride for a number of reasons, the first one being how well priced the gowns were. The starting prices for some gowns were just £299!!! Not only this, but the vast range and intricate detail to these gowns at the price they were astonishing. The service was spectacular and our Bride could just tell she was working with very well trained and wise people as they understood her needs and wants so well. It was as if they could read her mind.

    Warehouse is a bit of a strange word to put with bridal gowns but don't let that put you off, the high quality service and products along with the immense range of gowns is more than enough reason to take a look into this one. The best thing about Abbey Wedding is definitely the fact you could buy your dress there and then.

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  • Confetti and Lace

    Confetti and Lace

    This one is our bride's favourite; therefore we have saved it for the very end so it sticks in your mind - Confetti and Lace, popular from TV show GMTV, offers two full floors of elegance and mesmerising gowns. The beautifully decorated interior allows you to feel out of this world along with the service to follow. Our Bride felt like a real life princess as she entered all the way up until she sadly had to leave.

    The floor set out is brilliant; first floor allows you to search for the bridal dress whereas the second floor allows your bridesmaids a chance to browse too. Not only is this convenient but also gives you a lot more time to do what you need to and keep the others occupied! The dresses are stunning and they even offer the option of buying off the peg as well as ordering - be sure to give them 6 months for this option! For such a prestige shop our Bride definitely felt welcomed and given much attention. You must visit Confetti and Lace if you're planning to get married!

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  • There you have it, all you need for a quick (maybe not so quick) shop around West Yorkshire. As mentioned our Bride's top recommendation is definitely Confetti and Lace with the Harrogate Wedding Lounge coming in at second place. A dress from one of these bridal shops coupled with some good bridal beauty secrets will make you look and feel like a celebrity style bride.

    Just remember that you should always have a bit of an idea of what you are looking for, it makes it so much easier for you to decide! Happy Shopping!